Kicking off the new year with a fresh set of intentions is always a good idea — until those goals become too lofty to maintain. So, Noosa yogurt is challenging everyone to rethink those resolutions and come up with ones that are actually possible to keep. And to jump-start 2022, the company will give five people who submit the most “un-boring” resolution $10,000 each.

The goals can be anything and everything — setting off on a long-desired road trip, finally hiking that stunning trail, or simply visiting family and friends to reconnect again — as long as they are “simple and bold” and “allow you to savor the (un)moments in life,” whatever they may be.

“When it comes to New Year’s resolutions and food, resolutions are often focused on less: less sugar, less fat, less calories…and less fun,” the company says on its site. “This year, we want to challenge you to come up with resolutions that you can 100 percent keep.”

A mini bottle brush tree with a notebook for new year's resolutions on a purple background

Credit: Iuliia Bondar/Getty Images

There’s plenty of time to come up with that perfect resolution, as Noosa will accept entries from Jan. 3 through 19. But in order to ensure you don’t miss out, sign up for the New Year Un-Boring You newsletter, which will include three emails with inspiration for the new year, along with details on how to submit your resolutions once the time comes. The first 500 people who sign up will also get a coupon for free Noosa yogurt.

The five winners of $10,000 each — in the form of a check — will be chosen by a panel of influencers using criteria that will be released on Jan. 3, along with the full rules and regulations.

Noosa has always been about sponsoring those big dreams — earlier this year, it also gave $10,000 to a winner to fulfill a travel adventure.

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