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Gemini constellation stars in outer space. Zodiac Sign Gemini constellation lines. Elements of this image were furnished by NASA

Credit: Alexandr Yurtchenko/Getty Images

This week starts off with a nice harmony between the sun (in Taurus) and the moon (in Cancer) that will make us happiest at home. On Sunday and Monday feelings will be big — and so will energy.

Don’t be afraid to say no to activities out of the home unless it’s hiking in the mountains by yourself or with very close loved ones. This type of energy may make you feel a little stuck on the couch, but don’t worry, it will shift by the late afternoon on Monday, with the full change felt by Tuesday.

You may also feel like the beginning of the week brings with it the energy to finish projects, stick with endeavors, and keep working at something until you’ve absolutely tried every possible solution. Why? The sun in Taurus coupled with the moon in Leo is a sturdy combo of fixed energy — the only type of energy in the zodiac that stands firm in what it likes and what it doesn’t like. Not easily swayed, you do run the risk of being labeled as stubborn or overstaying your welcome. 

As the energy shifts on Wednesday with the moon moving into Virgo, you might find the space to change your mind if whatever it was you were doing wasn’t working.  A sure sign of this is feeling stuck. If you felt like you were between a rock and a hard place, then the second half of the week (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) will be an opportunity to pivot, move in a new direction, and see the situation from a new perspective.

You might not notice the full effect of those winds of change, however, until Friday, as that is when the sun shifts into Gemini. The eternal learner/teacher loves to find new ideas and spread them around, so you might feel the urge to preach your newfound method of changing your mind by the weekend. 

Saturday and Sunday will be filled with lots of the air element — all the thoughts, all the ideas, and all the different points of view may leave your head spinning. There will be a grand trine with the sun, moon, and Saturn in air (sun in Gemini, moon in Libra, and Saturn in Aquarius), creating a beautiful opening for communication, learning, and thinking to abound.

If you’ve been planning to learn a new language before taking a trip, this will be the weekend to begin. All that air is just asking you to broaden your mental horizons. If there is a book you’ve been wanting to read, or a lecture/webinar you’ve considered taking, you may choose this weekend to bless that endeavor. 

Some key thoughts for each sun (or rising) sign:


Don’t play into victimhood. Set boundaries and let your energy flow through physical endeavors, while gracefully allowing others to not keep up with you when their emotions rule their mood. The choice is yours, whether you exacerbate the wound, or begin to heal.


Notice if you’ve allowed your normally sweet temperament to blind you to a situation that is definitely not worth being in. Take advantage of being able to open up this week by talking and listening to those whose opinion you value about what you’re going through.


You may find focusing your attention on just one thing impossible, so try to prioritize your thoughts and activities around three core things. That way, you stay interested — and you actually get something done.


All that energy swirling around you may make you feel more aggressive than you like to admit you’re capable of, so watch your words and actions. It may seem temporary, but shutting people out now may have lasting repercussions, so risk a little vulnerability in order to gain support.


This week may leave you feeling like your most intimate relationships are bringing up your worst fears of being seen and judged. Don’t take it personal, as the universe has put these people into your life to help you grow. If you try to avoid the confrontation or to ignore it, you will end up revisiting the same drama later down the road, so best to deal with it now.


The physical body will shut down if you push it too hard. Take your own medicine and advice and actually rest a bit before the next big push (during full moon next week). You set your own standards, and determine your success, by the amount of time you honor yourself with nourishment.


It can be overwhelming to focus on only yourself, but you need to learn what emotions are yours, and what emotions belong to the people around you. Until you do it will be impossible to truly sort out your course of action. If you want to step into decisive authority, you need to firmly establish your values without anyone else’s input.


Thoughts of home and family of origin are still the focus of pain, but you have the opportunity now to expand into what makes you happy even through the tears. Search out what brings your inner child joy and tap into spirituality to see you through. It may feel like things are finally speeding up when it comes to achieving what you want.


Do your big dreams seem to get torn to shreds with either confusion around how to bring them into reality, or lack of support from the collective? This week if you listen to what is emotionally charging those around you, you may see an opportunity to connect the dots and have others lean into your plan. 


There may be a serious debate between your own health and that of your business. At the end of the day, your health is your wealth, and it’s not worth starting at the bottom of either mountain. If you pause and see the connections, you’ll find that the energy you need to both take care of yourself and your work go hand in hand with being able to stop before you burn the candle at both ends.


The feeling that no one knows how to have fun like you may be amped up this week, so take it in stride like you always do and embrace your weirdness. The more you live authentically and follow your bliss, the more you encourage others to do the same through your example.


Hope springs eternal! Jupiter has just entered your sign, and with that will come good luck, fortune, and expansion. Just do your best to stay present with all that you already have, and practice gratitude journaling so you remember it later.

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