Get out your tongs, gather your marinades, and tie your apron on: It’s almost grilling season. And Omaha Steaks is here to celebrate.

In May, Omaha Steaks announced it’s going big this grilling season, and it all begins with a once-in-a-lifetime weekend getaway for meat-lovers with a “Staycation turned Steakation.”

In June, the company will provide one steak-loving guest (and three of their friends or family members) the chance to stay in its “steak-a-delic loft” in the heart of the Old Market neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska, which comes covered in the best grilling decor. From the loft’s bedding to the butcher block, it’s got it all, including a custom steak-celebrating mural by renowned Midwest artist James Mosher. Oh, and of course it comes stocked with plenty of delicious steaks, too.

A person in bed with a tray showing a dinner plate with steak and vegetables.

Credit: Courtesy of Omaha Steaks

“Collectively we missed out on a lot of gatherings with family and friends last year. As Americans resume summer gatherings and get the itch to travel, we wanted to bring people together over a really fun and memorable experience,” Todd Simon, Omaha Steaks chairman and CEO, shared in a statement. “Our Steakation is the perfect way to share our love for what we do best: steak. I can’t wait to host our guests, showing them all that our hometown has to offer.”

Beyond getting to stay in the loft, the special guests will also enjoy a weekend’s worth of delicious meals, including dinner for four prepared by Omaha Steaks’ culinary team, along with an opportunity to choose either a virtual grilling class, tickets to a local attraction, or a dining experience.

Industrial loft space with white brick and brown leather couch and large wall art that reads "This is Steak Life".

Credit: Courtesy of Omaha Steaks

Oh, and the best part? upon returning home from their Steakation, the guests will also receive quarterly steak boxes for an entire year.

“Nothing says summer vacation better than a great steak and a cold drink,” Omaha Steaks executive chef David Rose, said. “Omaha Steaks knows how to craft the perfect cut of meat – from filet mignon to New York strip to ribeye and everything in between. Their business is to deliver high quality, naturally aged beef to every corner of America, making them the perfect choice to have a Steakation of your very own this summer.”

For your opportunity to experience this “rare” steakation, visit from May 20 through June 3, 2021, and enter your information for consideration. One winner will be chosen at random. The one-time stay will take place over two nights, with guests checking in Friday, June 18, and departing Sunday, June 20, 2021.

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