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In the last few decades, the popularity of working remotely – and by extension, digital nomadism – has been steadily on the rise. Now that the pandemic has taught even more people about the possibilities that come with working from anywhere, remote employees are gearing up to explore the world while still keeping their jobs.

But that freedom and flexibility also comes with its challenges: finding comfortable housing, fast Wi-Fi, and a sense of community, all while maintaining some work-life balance.

French doors open to outdoor patio where a man sits in Portugal

Credit: Courtesy of FlOasis

That’s where Floasis comes in. This new booking platform is exclusively dedicated to connecting remote workers and digital nomads with local stays equipped with all the amenities needed to be productive, meet other people, and have fun.

“Floasis is a solution for anyone working from a laptop who is looking for a way to reach their ultimate work-life balance,” said company cofounder Lola Casamitjana. “You can be a couple of digital nomads, a part-time or full-time family of remote workers with kids, a group of freelancer friends, or a single entrepreneur. As long as you’re looking for places of productivity, well-being, and connectivity, Floasis is for you.”

The platform will officially launch on June 21, 2021, but Floasis already has 50 locations all over Europe and more than 3,000 community members, including 400-plus ambassadors who have tested the various stays to ensure they’re a good fit for remote workers.

Little country home outside of Florence, Italy glows in the evening

Credit: Courtesy of FlOasis

Accommodations on the Floasis platform include guesthouses, farm stays, co-living homes, and hotels. There are also some particularly unique options like the countryside castle in Normandy, France; the yoga and surf camp in Tenerife, Spain; and the retreat center/eco farm in Zakynthos, Greece.

Though each location is different, they’re all designed to be an “oasis” for remote workers, with coworking spaces, comfortable living spaces, fast Wi-Fi even in remote areas, and activities to foster community among the people living there.

Aerial view of tropical villa in the Azores

Credit: Courtesy of FlOasis

“Beyond the platform and stays, Floasis is also a community. A community for remote workers who can support each other, meet, stay connected, and grow together,” said Casamitjana. “We also built Floasis with [property] owners in mind. In the last year, all over the world, owners have faced great difficulties due to the pandemic, and find themselves in dire need to reinvent their business. That’s why we empower them to turn to midterm rentals and a different type of audience: remote workers.”

Though they’re just getting started, Casamitjana and her fellow cofounder Kristina Kuttan already have big plans for the future.

A big house and pool in Greece

Credit: Courtesy of FlOasis

“In one year, we plan to have thousands of places all over the world, and before you know it, we’ll be the go-to platform for anyone looking for an inspiring, work-friendly stay and a community of like-minded people,” said Casamitjana. “While building this first version of the platform, we have identified many more needs on the market that are yet to be answered, and we now have the perfect start to address them. Stay tuned because this is only the beginning of an incredible revolution.”

For more information, visit the Floasis website.

Jessica Poitevien is a Travel + Leisure contributor currently based in South Florida, but she’s always on the lookout for her next adventure. Besides traveling, she loves baking, talking to strangers, and taking long walks on the beach. Follow her adventures on Instagram.

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