Girl Scout holding box of Adventureful cookies

Credit: Courtesy of Girl Scouts of the USA

August is a tough time of year for Girl Scout Cookie devotees. The scouts’ cookie season generally runs from January to April, so by late summer, diehards have almost certainly exhausted their supply and are still months away from their next chance to restock. So what do the Girl Scouts of the USA decide to do during these desperate moments? Taunt everyone with a new cookie not slated to be released until 2022, of course!

This morning, the Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) have announced the newest cookie to join their lineup when sales resume next year. (Cookie seasons vary by location, so make sure to check the official Girl Scout Cookie website to find out when they go on sale near you.) Admittedly, the name is a bit of a mouthful to say, but the cookie is intended to be a mouthful to eat: Adventurefuls.

The Girl Scouts explain that these “indulgent brownie-inspired cookies with caramel-flavored crème and a hint of sea salt” were dubbed Adventurefuls because they “take cookie lovers on a delicious taste adventure just like Girl Scouts go on their own amazing adventures through the program.” And though Adventurefuls won’t be available alongside the usual Girl Scout favorites like Thin Mints until next year, Food & Wine news editor Adam Campbell-Schmitt got a sneak preview direct from the GSUSA.

Adventurefuls Girl Scout cookies

Credit: Courtesy of Girl Scouts of the USA

Campbell-Schmitt found the cookie indeed led with a very chocolatey, brownie-like flavor that had its sweetness well-tempered by the salty caramel note. The results were a bit of a cookie mashup: the texture of Thin Mints meets the filled format of Tagalongs and the striped, gooiness of Samoas — yet different enough to stand on its own. Overall, he summed it up: “Is it a taste ‘adventure’? I would say, for Girl Scout Cookies, it’s a road less traveled for sure.”

Meanwhile, launching a new cookie has become as much of an annual Girl Scout tradition as cookie season itself. This past season, the scouts added a French toast-flavored cookie called “Toast-Yay!” In 2020, the new addition was a crispy, lemon-flavored cookie called Lemon-Ups, and in 2019, the gluten-free option Caramel Chocolate Chip joined the lineup, both of which were still available in 2021.

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