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Each year, hundreds of people attempt to summit Mount Everest. As the world’s highest peak, and one of the most dangerous ascents, it’s a place that has long beckoned adventure enthusiasts. But, just because someone has the desire to climb doesn’t mean they have the means to do so.

In July, Outforia, an outdoor and nature resource website, compiled a list of the most expensive hikes on earth. It calculated the cost of joining a guided climbing group and how much the required equipment would cost to purchase or hire. Unsurprisingly, Mount Everest came out on top as the most expensive climb in the world, at $84,123.

“As there is so much preparation and equipment involved in tackling these daunting climbs, they can cost eye-watering sums in total,” the website shared of its findings. You’ll likely be going as part of a guided group, led by someone who is familiar with the mountain and has completed the climb multiple times before.”

Of course, money isn’t the only thing climbers need to be prepared with to climb. As Outforia added, they need plenty of mental fortitude as well and understand that the true payment may in fact be physical harm or even death.

“Scaling the highest peaks in the world requires a combination of hiking, rock climbing, ice climbing, and cold endurance, which naturally makes it quite a niche activity,” Outforia wrote. “You need to be mentally and physically ready, have expert skills and equipment, be experienced and aware of the dangers, as well as being able to fund your trip.”

Just one mountain in the United States made the list, Denali, located in Alaska. According to Outforia, the first recorded ascent of Denali happened way back in 1913 when four hikers made their way to the top. In 2019, that number hit more than 1,200 hikers in a year. The cost to hike it? About $12,000.

Denali as seen from Reflection Pond in Denali National Park, Alaska.

Credit: Drew Green/Getty Images

Want to scale a few of the world’s coolest peaks for a little less dough? Here is the entire list of the top 10 most expensive hikes in the world.

  1. Mount Everest, Nepal: $84,123
  2. Mount Vinson, Antarctica: $46,618
  3. Cho Oyu, Tibet: $33,703
  4. Puncak Jaya, Indonesia: $27,449
  5. Denali, United States: $12,086
  6. Monte San Lorenzo, Argentina: $9,095
  7. Mera Peak, Nepal: $9,000
  8. The Eiger, Switzerland: $8,462
  9. Aconcagua, Argentina: $8,395
  10. The Matterhorn, Switzerland: $8,212

See more details about each of the climbs here.

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